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I have written up how I build this solution and how to use it in a series of blog articles:
The solution actually installs 3 features, namely:
  • DocFusionSiteColumns. Installs the custom Site Columns that are required for the Fusion Template content type.
  • DocFusionContentType. Installs the Fusion Template content type itself.
  • DocFusionFeature. Provides the ECB menu item for the Fusion Template content type which enables access to the main application page and installs the application page itself.

Site columns and the content type are placed in a display group called Techardinal.

Once installed you will need to configure the document library to support content types and to make the Fusion Template content type available in the library. The content type has a default associated Word 2007 document. This can of course be edited so that you can create insertion points wherever you need them. Insertion points are just plain Content Controls (accessed via the Developer Tab in Word) with place holder text. Note that to get the solution to recognise a Content Control as an insertion point you must prefix the text with with an * character.

If you edit the profile of documents created by the Fusion Template content type you will see that you can set some useful properties such as the default output filename which can include a date/time stamp, whether the resulting output file should overwrite an existing file of the same name and the default post build action.

Some further guidance on how to install the solution and some known issues can be found here.

The solution was built using VS 2008 with Visual Studio Extenstions for WSS (VSeWSS) v1.3 and so I suspect that you might need to install VSeWSS v1.3 if you want to work with my source code.

The solution relies on the Open XML SDK v 2 (CTP December 2009 release which can be found for download from Microsoft here. Be aware that because Microsoft changed some class names in this release so the solution will not function with an earlier release of the SDK.

Update: This solution appears to work just fine with the March 2010 release of the Open XML SDK

Updated update: Correction to the above, the solution does not work with the March release of the Open XML SDK as Microsoft have yet again changed some class names. I am working to fix this and will update the project in the next week or so. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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